Can a Apple Aiport Express be used as a wired connection on a Mac?
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mac airport express - how does one get it one to work as a wired connection to a mac?!

I made a Hackintosh. And I just moved. My router is in another room and my Hack has no wireless card. I'm not sure if one will work even if I get one. I remembered as I was unpacking that I had an airport express. So I was wondering if it could be done. Can I get a mac to use an Airport Express as wired Ethernet connection?
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Response by poster: EDIT: The Mac/hack is running snow leopard and the airport express is model number A1084
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Take a look at this page: Using the AirPort Admin Utility to create a WDS network with multiple base stations. You seem to want to be making a Remote Station with a wired client.
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Yup, as a remote in WDS mode. (I'm not near mine at the moment, else I'd give detailed instructions). Note that this probably won't work when the main router is not another Airport Extreme/Express - that's not Apple's fault, but rather because each different vendor implements WDS differently. C'est la vie; at least all of Apple's hardware that supports WDS will work together - unlike certain other vendors I've struck, where WDS is sometimes incompatible between models within the same product range…

(Wikipedia says all that's because WDS is not certified by the WiFi Allience; I thought it was, but only very recently i.e. the last 6 months or so.)
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