Where to find Libbey 606ht glasses?
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I'd like to buy a dozen Libbey 606HT drinking glasses -- the diner classics. But, I can only find them in lots of 48, despite all my googling. Does anyone know where I can find these open stock?
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I've seen these open stock at restaurant supply stores. Not online, but actual brick and mortar stores. More specifically, I've seen them at Wasserstrom. There are a couple stores in my area and I'm sure I've seen them there. The website says they only sell in cases, but that's probably only online; call a few supply stores near you (if there are any) and see if they sell them open stock at the store.
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Best answer: BigTray, an online restaurant supply store, sells a dozen Libbey 606HT glasses for $24.10.
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I was dining at an Italian restaurant a few years back, and they had the coolest plates. I stuck up a conversation about them with the manager, and he ended up ordering 6 of them for me on their next regular order with the restaurant supply place. If there's a friendly neighborhood restaurant you know of that uses these glasses, it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask.
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