Name of wildly successful Melbourne fashion start-up?
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In Friday's issue of The Australian, the Entrepreneur lift-out had an article about two (Melbourne?) investment bankers who fell foul of the GFC then started their own clothing business, based on a wildly successful business model from France - something about factory seconds, or end-of-season stuff from high-end labels. I think they have something like 250,000 subscribers, and last month they turned over a million bucks. What was the name of the Melbourne start-up and what was its French inspiration?
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This is the article you were reading before.

The French company is Vente-Privee and the Aussie start-up is Buy Invite
posted by wilde at 4:40 PM on July 30, 2010

Yay Internet!
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There's also "Privat Outlet" in Paris, which runs along the same lines.
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correction: Private Outlet. It's apparently Europe-wide now.
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