Reliable SIP-based GSM Gateway
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What's a reliable SIP-based GSM Gateway for a VoIP system?

I've been told that analog ones work fine. But SIP ones tend to be tricky as there is not a mature standard that they follow. As a result, the main features will work but pre-existing auxiliary features (such as call conferencing, etc) may experience issues or simply won't work, depending on both the specific GSM gateway device and the VoIP system. This is the case with the 2N product a few years ago...

So not sure what the landscape of SIP-based GSM Gateway are these days...

Whats a reliable model or brand out there, or at least a well documented one? Are there any that offer product guarantees or evaluation units? Or is plug-and-pray the only way to go?
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It has been a longtime since I've done this, but the Cisco router I setup had a 3G WAN module. I believe that it communicated with the server via SIP, I'd be surprised if it wasn't setup that way or if it wasn't possible to set it up that way. It has been online for 36 months without a reset, so I'd say it is reliable. Cisco is expensive but worth it for things like this.
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Not really what I think you are looking for but if you are using Asterisk the chan_mobile channel driver will do what you want.
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