Where can i purchase older Japanese currency?
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Looking for an older note of great artistic quality...

On my last trip to Japan I was given a yen note that featured an image of geishas. Returning to the U.S., I gave it away as a present.
I've since learned that it was an older bill that is not in regular circulation, but I'd like to get a copy of it again for artistic use.

Any ideas on where I can purchase or barter for one of these lovely bills? Thanks in advance MeFites...
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You might want to check the wikipedia page on yen banknotes and see if any look familiar. I don't see any that have geisha on them, but some pictures are missing.
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Response by poster: yeah, i saw that... i'm still looking for example images. not easy to come by.

apparently, it was a very rare bill. still kicking myself 3 years later for giving it away.
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Don't bother with ebay, I just went through the 1,289 results for 'yen' - not a geisha in sight (unless you count this - that would be a couple of geishas on the reverse, yes?). That result, plus my other failed googling, leads me to believe you when you say that this is indeed, a rare note.
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Response by poster: i found that one as well, unilateral, and it's not it.

i was hoping some mefite with far more knowledge than myself would know of this bill.
now i'm starting to think it might be a lost effort...

thanks for looking you two!
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are you sure it wasn't a decorative yen, maybe?
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are you sure it wasn't a decorative yen, maybe?
I hate to point out the obvious, but no.
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Sorry, that might have sounded a little bit harsh, but there isn't a geisha in that whole collection. I know this because despite the descriptions, I viewed them all anyway. That's what I meant by 'the obvious' - if you'd viewed the whole collection you'd know.
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Response by poster: i'm about to give up on this... where could those geishas be?

if i remember correctly, it was rose and/or purple colored.
the japanese kids i was with were all amazed that i had one.

i've been searching online for a week now and had numerous people helping me in my search.

i'd like to thank everyone for looking; i wish it had been fruitful!
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