Identify Creepy Thread-like Fungus
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Can anyone identify this thread-like fungus? It seems to be coming from a plant in, but it migrates. I'm finding them on my couch, my desk chair (fabric covered), even on the shower curtain in the bathroom. I am prepared to toss the plant if no remedy is found but I'm more interested right now in finding out what it is... Here are photos of the home-invaders Help!
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the photos
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Best answer: It looks sort of like the flocculent fuzz that floats around when there's a nearby infestation of spiraling whitefly. Most fungi are pretty site specific- they grow on what they can eat, and that's it.

If it's fungal, it will melt down to nothing or dry up when it's out of it's element for several hours. If it is persistent in that state, not fungus.
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Best answer: No answers, but I just wanted to mention that fungus is notoriously difficult to identify, even in bioscience labs.
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Actually, yeah, now that oneirodynia mentions it, the things in the photos remind me of when we had a moth infestation in our kitchen (in Japan). For some reason I left some fruit or something on top of the refrigerator, just out of sight. We noticed threadlike filaments, then maggots, then moths.
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