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Know any music writers with substance over style with online content? Any genre as long as they know their stuff - although I like blues, folk, world music I'd be happy to expand.

Don't want:

1. Snobby genre-exclusive stuff (my music is better than yours)
2. Postmodern, stream of consciousness, irony or sarcasm loaded style, no lazy x is the new y stuff. No flowery language.
3. Overly technical style
4. Context free MP3 dumps

Do want:

1. People who know their genre, whatever it is. I'll read a pop blog if it comes from a place of obvious love and knowledge of pop history
2. Context, whether political or personal
3. Accessibility, I'm not dummies guide material and I'm not a beginner in most genres but I also can't play or read music.

I like the posts bolmusic (click an album cover for an example) puts up but I'd like more variety. I like the interconnectedness of all kinds of music so the history matters more than their particular taste.

Books are also cool, or even magazines, although I often find music magazines inaccessible because they assume a level of technical knowledge I don't have. Downloads aren't necessary but I don't mind them. Unpretentious writing and genuine love of the music is really important so probably less general music journalists and more bloggers would be better.
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When You Awake (folk/country/roots) is the best music blog I am aware of.
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Robert Christgau

There's a little bit of a learning curve to his idiosyncratic reviewing style, but the even-handedness of his taste is something to behold.
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You might like Stomp And Stammer. it's really a print magazine, but most of it gets published on their website too.
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