Heterogenous display (HDCP and non?)
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Dual monitor issue -- can't mix HDCP-compliant and non-HDCP-compliant displays when the desktop has Blu-Ray capacity?

My Nvidia dual-display video card is refusing to activate my second monitor. The second monitor works perfectly well when it alone is hooked up to the computer.

My IT support guy suggests that this is because I have Blu-Ray hardware and software, and the HDCP "handshake" between my computer and my main display (1080p LCD via DVI) locks out any non-HDCP monitor output (the second display is a non-HDCP compliant monitor reached via VGA).

This seems plausible to me, but I can't corroborate it online and would hate to lay out for another HDCP compliant display when it is a card, software or cable issue.

Any thoughts?
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my wild guess is to try and disable HDCP on the graphics card. I looked it up and it seems like its doable.

You have blu ray stuff so im guessing you use it :D What i recommend is using AnyDVD it will strip HDCP from blu ray disks and it will allow you to play them. I used it to play blu ray movies over a HDTV analog connection. It works great :D
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my wild guess is to try and disable HDCP on the graphics card.

If you do that, you probably won't be able to use your BD drive.
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It would be a good if you told us what graphics card and monitors you use.

I expect that if the Blu-Ray player wants HDCP right through the system it's going to lock out any non-HDCP enabled devices, such as a VGA output. HDCP pretty much ruins everything it touches so it wouldn't be surprising.
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We need to know which graphics card you use. Some late-model cards do not activate HDCP over dual-link connections. At work, one of my Quadro FXs is connected to a single-link DVI (converted externally to HDMI) and primary VGA output with no HDCP problems. My other Quadro FX is connected to a 30-inch hi-res dual-link DVI which disables HDCP.
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