Selling Jewelry & Gold
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Where is the best place to sell estate jewelry and gold either by mail or in the Portland, Oregon area.

Google overwhelms me with responses so I'm more trusting of personal recommendations. Thanks and any insights to this process would be appreciated.
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I don't know about estate jewelry, but LaRog is buying gold now. They've had a bunch of radio ads lately. I have no experiences selling gold with them or anyone else, but we bought my husband's wedding ring from them, and I'd recommend them to anyone.
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Er, link.
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I'm in the estate business. You really want to find someone local to deal with rather than mailing it out to an unknown company. (in my opinion)

Gilt was recommended to me by a friend in Portland.

Also, don't sell to the first place you visit. Get a couple of offers before you sell.
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I've bought several estate pieces from Gilt, never sold there, but I can attest to their awesome selection.
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A relative in the business says people put in this position often have too little information and think their stuff is worth a lot more than it is or else they don't know they actually have some reasonably good pieces and are vulnerable to being "hustled" by unscrupulous buyers. Make an inventory list and get more than one quote. If the jewelry has artistic value, more than just gold weight, for example, get quotes from reputable estate jewelry firms.
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