Is the Conservative Party more Reform than Progressive Conservative?
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How many current members of the Conservative Party of Canada were former members of the Reform/Alliance party prior to the merger? And what about the Conservative Party caucus?

I am wondering if anyone knows the numbers, or if anyone has ideas as to how I could go about finding such numbers.

I know Stephen Harper is a former member of the Liberal Party, the Progressive Conservative Party, the Reform Party, and the Canadian Alliance Party (alliance of one party with itself, but I digress ...).

Is the list of party members publicly available? In electronic format? Wikipedia seems to have this information for each MP, but if I can avoid having to scrape that data from web pages, that's be great.
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To be clear, Harper was a Young Liberal only until NEP.
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Is the list of party members publicly available?

No, parties don't have to make public their membership lists. All they have to do is provide a list of 250 members to Elections Canada.

Election results are here, but you'll need to do a small amount of wrangling. All that will tell you is how many Reform candidates went on to become CPC candidates (or MPs, if you prefer).
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I'm pretty sure you could just Google the entire current Conservative caucus (MPs = Caucus) and find out who came from where.

More interesting, from my point of view are political donors. I don't have a link to the CPC donors list, but this BC Liberal election donors database is pretty sweet. For a fun party game (if you like to party alone), count the number of times Teck (or a Teck board member) donated to the Libs. Follow the link for "filed financial reports" and search for the party...

Maybe there is something else online for the CPC
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