Glasses fitted in Chicago
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Can anyone recommend an optician in Chicago who will adjust glasses purchased elsewhere?

I've never had any problems with glasses fitting until this time. I've been back four times to the guy who sold me these and each time they end up feeling and looking worse than they did before — and I'd feel ridiculous going back a fifth time in any case. But I can't wear these as they are; I need to find someone else. I am happy to pay.
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Lens Crafters in the mall out here adjusted my 6+ year old glasses for me. I couldn't even remember where I'd originally bought them. They replaced the ear pieces and nose pads and adjusted the fit all for free.
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The Lens Crafters near where I work downtown (located at 225 North Michigan Avenue) is always fixing one of my two pairs of glasses when I fall asleep with them on or do some kind of other crazy thing that I don't remember doing. They don't mind that one pair is something they've never sold.
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Do you have a Costco nearby with an optical department? They've fitted two pair of glasses that I bought online, and the guy didn't mind at all. I would feel bad except I spend about half my salary there, so it all evens out.
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I was in Chicago on business and had an issue with my glasses (lens kept popping out) and walked into a small shop on Clark St near Fullerton. I am pretty sure almost any shop will do it as a courtesy. Here in NY where I live, I go into the nearest place I am and they always make minor adjustments.
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Yeah, just go to any place that sells glasses. They'll be glad to do it for free (unless they're insane...) It takes them 2 minutes and, hey, you might buy glasses from them in the future! (is generally their train of thought).
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3rding Les Crafters. You can just walk into the store and they'll adjust them, free of charge, no questions asked.
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I've never had any trouble walking into any eye doctor office that sells glasses and asking them to adjust my glasses. And I've never been charged.
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I've had mine adjusted at the Target on Western and Elston. Probably any Target with an Optical section will do that for free.

Also, this isn't a criticism, but making sure your glasses are adjusted correctly is mostly a function of the feedback you give to the person doing the adjustment. Do not leave the place where you are getting them adjusted until you are sure they are adjusted correctly. If they don't feel right, hand them back and describe exactly what is wrong. Rinse and repeat until they are right. Let them sit on your head for a few minutes to see if any misadjustments that didn't initially show appear after you've worn them for a few minutes.

Also is it possible that the frames are wrong for you?
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I walked into Walmart's optical shop and they adjusted mine that I'd bought online.
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Any optical shop will do it for you. They usually give you a disclaimer about them not having liability if you didn't buy from them.
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