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After 3 Palm Pres, how can I get out of my contract with Bell for this terrible phone? I'm still within the 1 year manufacturer's warranty, but only for another month.

My first Pre's screen stopped working - Bell replaced it. My 2nd one, the phone shut down when sliding it closed - Bell replaced it. This third one stopped charging and won't turn on - Bell says they're replacing it but the Pres are on such a backorder that I have to wait (it's been 5 weeks).

My worry is that something similar will happen once I'm out of the 1-year manufacturer's warranty and I'll be without a phone while I ship it to Palm, get it fixed and they ship it back. Which, essentially, I am now, and it's really not fun.

Any ideas on how to get out of this contract (I'm almost finished 1/3 years with Bell)? I hate this phone, but need to keep my phone number (so don't want to sell my contract). Thanks!
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One more thing - I'm in Ontario, Canada (not sure if that makes a difference).
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Blake137 - I just MeMailed you.
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And I just MeMailed you again. Yay!
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Could you share anything for the benefit of the rest of the class?
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Call Telus customer service (do not go to a store). They are known to buy out bell contracts, port the phone number and offer free smart phones. They did this for my sister and friend not long ago.
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