How do I make and Incredible even more incredible?
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Besides voiding my warranty, what are some practical reasons to avoid rooting my Droid Incredible and replacing the kernel? What other cool mods should I try?

My HTC Incredible will be here soon. I've been researching the device in advance and figuring out what I want to do with it when it finally comes. I initially wanted to root the device just to remove the preinstalled, undeletable crapware like City ID, but I know there are other compelling reasons to do it also. What are some other things I can do with a rooted Incredible that I can't do right out of the box?

My plan so far is to root it with Unrevoked 3 and then install the Hydra Kernel overclocked kernel. As far as I can tell, both of these have been streamlined to the point that any failure is probably user error. Since I'm doing it with a brand new phone, I doubt the risk level is very high. Do I have an appropriate outlook on this? What are some dangers I might have overlooked, besides voiding the warranty? I've never modded a phone before.

What other things can I do to increase the functionality of the device? Cosmetic stuff like boot animations is cool but I'm mainly interested in getting the most value out of the hardware. The more it can do for me, the happier I'll be. Any words of wisdom from, or links to resources for, Incredible modders are appreciated!
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I've had some problems with the Overclock/undervolt with wireless N on my incredible....

I'm using the stock Undervolt+N Hydra kernel instead.... works fine so far.

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Thanks for the info (and link... lots of good info in there)! I wonder why some kernels work better than others for different people; aren't all units of the Incredible fundamentally identical?
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I can't wait for my incredible to arrive. Thanks for the links... I hope a stable froyo build for the incredible comes out soon.
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Wireless Tether is pretty handy.
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