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What can I do with a few hundred ornament hooks?

I am supposed to make some crafts to raffle off for a fundraiser. I have somewhere around 400 ornament hooks I picked up on absurd discount ($.10/200), thinking they would be useful someday. Let's make today that day.

I will google around some, but I was hoping someone here will just do the hive mind thing like, "oh, duh, just turn them into headgear for dolls!" or something.

A small craft that someone would like to buy/win (ie: a pin or something) would be best.
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Make a single chainmail gauntlet. I would say a whole tunic, but I don't think you have enough metal.

Or, a really elaborate mobile - every hook could hang more hooks which hang more crap that hang more hooks.
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Make Handy Hook Strips:

Lay the hooks facing the same direction, evenly spaced, on the edge of a strip of some kind of flexible decorative material (fabric/cardboard/plastic) so that the "bottom" part of the hook extends below the edge of the strip
Use heavy tape like Duct Tape to fix the hooks in position. This will be the "back" of the strip so you don't have to worry too much what the tape side looks like.
Flip it over and you have a unique support for further creations:
*One long strip across the top of a door and you could make your own doorway fringe.
*Or one long strip at the top of a wall, maybe with more sparsely-spaced hooks, could be a unique way to "hang" paper artworks and objects for wall decoration.
*Lay several strips in parallel to create a "board" then attach stuff to the hooks -- call it a "dangle collage".
*Or join the end of one strip to make a hoop and then dangle stuff from the hooks to make a lampshade effect.

I just made that up. I think I might try this myself just for fun
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I found a dead tree branch that had a very unique shape, with smaller twisty branches. It was so beautiful on its own that I strung it up in the corner of my living room. Over the years, I started using ornament hooks to dangle various items from the branches: hand-blown glass balls, pieces of mis-matched glass chandelier pieces, a windchime made out of antique spoons and forks, colorful glass marbles - anything that would shimmer and shine from sunlight and sway with a breeze.

You could make smaller versions of this and sell them individually.
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Get a sheet of plywood and screw the hooks around the edges. Loop colored yarn between the hooks to make cool patterns. One basic form is as follows:

Loop yarn from the top left hook to the first hook on the bottom edge and back to the top left, then down to the second hook on the bottom edge, back up to the top left, down to the third hook on the bottom edge and so forth. Then take the yarn down to the hook immediately below the top left and repeat this process - down to the first hook on the bottom edge, back, to the second hook on the bottom edge and so on. When you finish you'll have a very groovy pattern.

We did this in summer camp, back when you could still call things "groovy".
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