Alternative to the old Launchcast?
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I'm looking for a way to create a personalized internet radio station like the old Yahoo Launchcast. I've looked at the usual suspects but haven't found one that will both let me create a station AND rate the songs beyond a thumbs up/thumbs down or the like.

My two requirements are:
- Ability to rate songs (see below) and go back to look at those ratings later. (Don't need to export or anything.)
- Ability to create a personalized station that "learns" what I like, similar to Pandora or (though I know they use different methods)

I don't care about being able to create my own playlists, tag music, etc.

My favorite thing about the old Launchcast stations was that you could rate each song so specifically. If I remember correctly, it was granular all the way from 0 to 100. I don't need that much specificity, but would really love the ability to do 1 to 5 stars or the like. Those ratings were useful for going back and finding songs that I wanted to track down later, or artists I'd never heard and want to find more from, or even just "Oh yeah, I love that song!" rediscoveries.

Here are the ones I've looked at so far:

Pandora - thumbs up/down only - love/ban only
Slacker radio - favorite/ban only
Finetune - no ratings
Jango - close, but only 1-3 ratings

I know there are others I've looked at that didn't have the ratings feature, but those are the biggies that I remember.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
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I started using Launchcast in 2001, and after years of building up rankings, I was pissed when I had to find a new option for music at work.

After doing a little research and not finding anything that was 100% comparable, I settled on Sony Rhapsody. It lets you rate songs (five-star ranking and ban option). I haven't listened to the "My Rhapsody" station enough to know how intelligent the system is, though. One thing I really like about Rhapsody is that if I'm craving one particular song, I can look it up and play it right then and there, which I don't think Launchcast offered.
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