What are some tasty dairy-free edible gifts I can bring to a pregnant friend?
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I need suggestions for a delicious, dairy-free, edible hostess gift for a pregnant friend!

I'm going to be visiting one of my oldest and dearest friends who is very allergic to dairy and also very pregnant. It's my first time visiting her and her husband in their new house, and I want to bring one or more delicious treats that they can both enjoy. All of my typical edible/drinkable gift treats are off the table ... usually I would bring wine, some sort of infused booze, or some delicious baked goods (all of my recipes involve dairy).

What I bring should be:
  • Make ahead-able (will have to make at least a day in advance)
  • Easily transportable (will have to suffer through an 8 hour drive ... I do have a cooler & ice packs, though)
  • Dairy free -- absolutely no butter, milk, etc
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • Preferably snacky, desserty, or breakfasty since most meals are planned
  • Really delicious!
My first thought involved vegan recipes, but I have tried a few in the past and most of them came out as duds. My friends are not vegan, so eggs are fine, just no dairy.

Normally, I wouldn't pester you all about this, however I don't have much spare time to test recipes out before my visit. I trust your guys' taste, so please share your ideas!
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Look at this for nibbles. There are lots of really nice mixes you can make with nuts, berries, dried fruit.

By creating custom-made nibble baskets you could make something really thoughtful.

Alternatively, you could make some tasty muesli/granola.
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Maybe some nice candied nuts? Pickles, jams, preserves, and other things that go well in jars also come to mind.
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David Lebovitz's spiced glazed pretzel and nut mix is a huge hit at every party I take it to.
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Merryfield Apple Cake is actually something I give as a hostess gift a lot and, happily, contains no dairy. It makes two coffee cakes, so you can keep one and share one, or you take one to eat with them and leave the other for breakfast ...

Two tips: 1) you can leave out the raisins and walnuts and 2) once you get the apples in there the batter is EXTREMELY heavy ... if you don't have a stand mixer, you will want to mix in the apples by hand with a wooden spoon rather than risk burning out the motor on your hand mixer. Not that I learned by experience or anything. :) But it's very easy to mix in with a wooden spoon.

(For a paper doily I just cut a paper snowflake, which is like the only use of that skill I've had since I turned 10!)
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This vegan cupcake recipe is actually the best chocolate cupcake recipe I've ever made, and all the non-vegans I've made them for agree. I like to make them as mini-cupcakes--more noshable that way.
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Quick breads, like banana bread, can be made with margarine or vegetable oil, and then would be dairy-free. here's a banana bread recipe (the second one listed) that uses oil and not butter. Or, you know, zucchini bread, it being that time of year.
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Homemade applesauce?
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Gramercy Tavern gingerbread
is my go-to cake. It's sophisticated without being pretentious, but it's also simple and appropriate for every occasion (including, um, breakfast). Bonus: it travels and freezes very well, whether in slices or half a bundt pan.
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Well I vote blueberries and/or raspberries.

I'm in your area and blueberries are out. I would go pick lots of blueberries or raspberries or both.
They are snacky and great addition for breakfast or desert.

She's unlikely to be out picking fresh berries if she's very pregnant.
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Banana Icecream!. It's dead simple: cut bananas. freeze bananas. blend bananas. eat.
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These granola bars are excellent! I make a slightly more cakey/oaty bar, too - in fact, I think I prefer it - message me if you'd like the recipe.
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Banana bread with cinnamon icing.
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You can always whip up a batch of cookies using margarine instead of butter. Sure, they're not AS good, but if that's all she's had it shouldn't be a huge difference. Peanut butter cookies, or oatmeal raisin maybe?
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Caviar! With really good bread or gourmet crackers.

(I'm pregnant and I recently enjoyed this.)
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Passionfruit marshmellows. I haven't made this recipe, but have eaten them at Rockpool. Mmmmmm!
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