recovering audio from a un-finalized CD-R?
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whats the best way to extract audio from a CD-R that's not finalized?

question pretty much says it all. i recorded audio with an audio cd recorder and ejected it without finalizing it. of course it won't read on a computer but i can listen to it with some audio cd players (of course it freaks out when it reaches the end). i dont have access to the recorder so i can't put it back in to finalize it (i dont know if that's even allowed).

most data recovery tools i know of are for computer data, not audio. any utility suggestions? i prefer mac but i'll use windows if i have to. i assume all the good ones are for windows only.
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i have an AMAZING live show in limbo because it's not finalized...i will be watching this thread with great interest....i have a pc
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Best answer: Try ISOBuster under Windows. I'll guess you can get an idea of what is possible to recover without paying.
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If the audio will play correctly in some CDs, the best solution is the one staring you in the face, the one you might not have thought of:

Put the disk back in the burner and finalize it.
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Argh. I meant "in some CD players," obviously. Anyhow, finalizing or fixating the disk will allow you to extract it however you like from any computer.
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If it plays in a CD player and all else fails, plug in an 1/8" audio cable from the headphone jack of the CD player to the microphone jack of your computer.
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Response by poster: wayland: yeah that would be my last ditch effort but i would like to keep it digital.

koeselitz: like i originally said, i dont have access to the cd recorder i used to make the disc. but if a solution is to just stick it back in and press finalize, can i use any cd recorder to do it? i guess i should visit a best buy later and find out.
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Response by poster: i just tried ISOBuster and it did the trick exactly. it showed that my CD has an open session with a bunch of audio tracks and it let me extract them individually to wav files. thanks!
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