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Travel-filter: What's fun in Tromso, Norway? Visiting with my partner for four days, and looking for things to do.

I just arrived with my partner in Tromso, Norway, and we'll be here for four days. Any suggestions about what we should do? There are heaps of suggestions on various tourism websites, but I'm having a hard time filtering things out. Also, many of them look like packaged tours, which we wouldn't be averse to if they were just really awesome, but aren't our favourite thing in the world.

What we'd like best:
- ideas about good places to walk/hike/wander. We're reasonably physically fit (both mid-thirties), but not super-athletic, and would want day trips, not overnight ones.
- things that might give us an interesting look into Tromso's culture
- things that might really capture some of the unique aspects that come from living in the arctic circle (we definitely plan to stay up really late at night and enjoy the sun, for instance)

Misc other info:
- as I said, packaged tours only if they're tremendously awesome (but if they are tremendously awesome, then we're all ears)
- we can rent a car if we need to but don't have one right now, so things that we can get to via public transport are a plus
- we're not on a super-tight budget

Also, any other advice about doing the tourist thing here would be welcome. Thanks in advance!
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Take a hike up Tromsdalstinden. The view from there is spectacular. Should be a half day trip or so.
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Response by poster: Thanks! We'll check it out!
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Best answer: Visit Cafe Flyt and ask any of their workers about where to take a walk. Also: try their famous burgers.

Buy a beer or two at Ølhallen (in the basement of Mack's Brewery, in the southern part of the city centre). This is the northernmost brewery in the world. It's still locally owned and locally brewed. It's the cheapest place in town for a beer (apart from supermarkets...), and they also have guided tours around the premises. Open Monday-Saturday 09-18.

(I lived in Tromsø for six years and was there last weekend! Hope you enjoy your stay. If you MeFi mail me, I'll try to answer.)

Skarven is also a popular place for a beer. Upstairs is Arctandria, a nice fish restaurant. Arctandria also serves whale beef, if you want to try that. If not, try the bacalao.

(I lived in Tromsø for six years and was there last weekend! Hope you enjoy your stay. If you MeFi mail me, I'll try to answer.)
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Response by poster: Thanks! We weren't sure whether it was worth checking out the brewery, but now we definitely will. Same with Cafe Flyt. Tried Skarven last night, and it was full, but maybe tomorrow...

(It was all very helpful - and we're both really enjoying Tromsø. Lovely place, lovely people).
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