Looking for epoxy resin supplier
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Looking for North American epoxy resin supplier (for resin jewellery)

I make resin jewellery and I am looking for a supplier. I used to live in Australia, where I bought this kind of epoxy resin (606) and I loved it. It is a clear doming epoxy resin that is measured and mixed by weight.

Now I am back in Canada, searching for something similar. I make some large bangles and a lot of smaller things, flat pendants, etc.

It seems that the most popular brand is EasyCast, but this seems to be geared more for crafters and is only sold in sizes up to 16oz.

Does anyone know where I can buy resin supplies in larger quantities?

I think a supplier from the states would be OK but I know sometimes you can run into issues with customs because the resin is usually considered 'dangerous goods.'
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Maybe Fire Mountain? http://www.firemountaingems.com/ Not sure if Apoxie they sell is the same thing.
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Response by poster: Thanks ecurtz, I've looked at Smooth-On but this is a urethane, not an epoxy. Do you have experience with this product? I think it's a lot more toxic but I'd be interested in hearing if anyone prefers other types of resin. My only experience is with epoxy so that is what I'm ideally looking for.
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Sorry, I've only used their more hobby friendly opaque products, which were easy - the warnings on the crystal clear do sound a little scary.
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This place sells a gallon kit for $60. They do say they ship to Canada in their About page but it looks like it could get costly.
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Tap plastics has tons of resin and ships to Canada.

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Noah's Marine has various epoxy systems (MAS, System 3, West System) - though usually marketed towards boat builders and repairers. I don't know if these products have the properties you are looking for.

They have a store in Toronto, and Niagara Falls New York.
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Link here

Also you might want a respirator with the filters for volatile organic compounds and good gloves.
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You might check with Burman Industries in Van Nuys, California.
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Rio Grande?
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Try DEVCON brand epoxy. We use it to encaspulate delicate electronic boards
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Seconding Burman and also Precision Converting in Houston, Texas.
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