Video game recommendations for s/b who likes "Amanati Design"
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What console video games would you recommend to someone who enjoys the casual games from "Amanati Design"?
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This is so vague that it looks like spam. Care to elaborate on what you're looking for?
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I think this is referring to Amanita Design, makers of point-and-click adventures like Samorost and Machinarium.

As far as recommendations: the Homestar Runner series (on WiiWare and PC), Zack and Wiki (Wii), and the Monkey Island series (Xbox 360 and Wii) are good games that are all similar as far as gameplay.

Telltale Games makes a lot of games like that, although they don't really fit the Amanita graphical style.
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You want the "Blue Toad Murder Files" games on the PS3.
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Don't have any suggestions, but I agree that it's not spam: I am not a gamer, learned about Amanati Design from MeFi, loved both the games Earl the P mentions, and--knowing nothing else about what point-and-clicks are out there--would also be happy to have recommendations in this direction.
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Amanita. Yes, sorry.
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My apologies, then.
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This blog has done a really thorough job of cataloguing Samorost-like games, but there are practically none on consoles. The first thing that came to my mind was World of Goo (on the Wii), which is great, but it's not really similar enough to feel like a satisfying answer.
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Yes, I meant "Amanita Design". First time I post s/th here and I fuck it up...

Thanks for the answers - that blog link was particularly interesting.
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Journey sounds like it might be something you'd want to have a look at, but it's not out yet.
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LucasArts was a classic maker of point-and-click adventure games several years back; using the free SCUMMvm software, you can run those games on everything from PCs to smartphones nowadays. I think they even have versions for modded consoles.
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Some excellent LucasArts point-and-click adventures:

Grim Fandango
Day of the Tentacle
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
The Dig
Sam & Max Freelance Police
Full Throttle
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