Best science books to be cut up to make classroom posters?
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Anybody know of a science book that has large colour pictures that can be cut up to make posters for a classroom?
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What branch of science? Biology, botany, chemistry...?
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I use calendars for this sort of thing. Come February those $15 calendars with all the pretty pictures can be had for $1 or less. It might be hard to find a place stlil selling them but I know my local 99.99ยข store has them out still.
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Here is some free Science art from WikiMedia commons.
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I know that there are large format books published for children in many different areas, including science. These are meant to be taken apart and used as posters at home or in the classroom. If you were to visit an educational supply store and ask about them I'm sure you would find what you're looking for.
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Ignoring for the moment the issue of the physical pain that the idea of cutting up books might cause some of us, I think Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (Jumbo) [Hardcover] might fit the parameters of your query.
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So, my link is to an edition that is out of print and worth more than you probably want to spend. But I'm sure I've seen re-prints as coffee table books that are in the sub-$100 range at the sorts of stores that sell these sorts of things: Anthropologie? This place? You get the idea.
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If you promise to scan the pictures (I'm with Civil_Disobedient), you could look for volumes from the Time Life Science Library. Some pictures look very much outdated (those are the ones I like most), but they also contain some really great illustrations of scientific principles. You might even have luck searching the Life Image archive with Google Images. But these books can also be found on Ebay for a fart and a marble (sorry, Dutch expression).
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I'm also a little confused about what you're asking for.

If the concern is economy, I've at times discovered encylopedia sets of animals, science, etc., at thrift stores, all old of course, but with pictures galore (and yes, there's also loads of Nat. Geos at thrift stores).

But if I were to decorate a biology classroom, I'd dream of using Ernst Haeckel's Art Forms in Nature.
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The Math Book has a couple of hundred gorgeous images illustrating various mathematical concepts. I'm not sure how useful most of the images would be without the accompanying text, but it's definitely worth a look if you can borrow a copy to check. The images aren't huge - about 8 inches square - but they're clear and striking enough that I think they'd work hung on a wall.

If you do decide to cut up a copy of this gorgeous, fascinating book, please ignore the tortured screams echoing through the atmosphere from my general direction.

As a slightly off-beam suggestion, the xkcd store has some science posters that are informative and very funny.
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Why don't you order some posters instead? I can't think of any textbook, even an elementary one that is going to have poster-sized illustrations. Posters can be ordered in sets or individually. If you have any kind of a teacher supply store near where you live, you could pick them out in person.
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FYI, I see these sorts of books all the time in the bargain books sections of large bookstores like Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc. So I recommend browsing there.
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You will probably be able to find a huge run of National Geographic that someone is giving away for free, at a used book store, antique store, or other place. Those have awesome photos and sometimes poster inserts.
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