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How do you get a shoe to stop squeaking? I have a pair of tie shoes (Danskos) that I've worn for months without problem. But a few months ago, the right shoe suddenly starting squeaking on any surface, in any temperature. And it's loud. People look at me when I walk through the "quiet" floor of the library at school. Is there anything I can do to make the squeak go away?
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I have had the same problem with Merrell hiking boots. I was told by the company that it was the steel shank in the sole and there was nothing that could be done. They, Merrell, replaced the boots and eight months later the new pair also began squeaking. I have gotten used to it. Seems worse in the cold and on hard surfaces. I didn't have the energy to go up against the company for another new pair
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This happens to me with new dress shoes, sometimes, and often with running shoes, as they age. The only solution I know, is, throw 'em away. Bugs the hell out of me, since I dislike advertising my presence that way, although some people do seem to get a kick out making noise, walking.
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If it's just one shoe I'd not expect it to be uneven wear causing something to be exposed; Have you tried the obvious - digging around in the tread pattern to see if there's anything caught in there? I have a pair of hiking boots that is prone to capturing bits of gravel in the deeper treads, causes a squeak when I walk until I clean it out.

Insoles might also be worth checking - a second pair of boots I bought had uncomfortable insoles, so I replaced them with a set that is more comfy but also seems to make them squeak like I'm walking on a pack of rats. Insoles are apparently rubbing against the inside of the shoes while I walk, I guess.
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This site suggests baby powder, between the tongue and the upper or, if you can peel it back, beneath the inner sole.
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This violates AskMe policy, but the poster didn't have email in their profile....this is NOT an isolated incident! It's the dreaded Dansko Squeak (tm), and I've become convinced it's a major design flaw in their shoes that needs to be addressed. You're about the 10th person I know of who has bought Danskos (of various styles) that have this problem - I had to chuck a pretty new pair because of the Squeak.

It totally pisses me off that they can charge SOOO much for shoes that do this, consistently in my experience, and not be called for it. I'm thinking of starting by at least writing a letter to them and having all my sad-shoe friends co-sign it to hopefully send a small message that it's not acceptable. ARGH!

On topic - I have found no way to rememdy the Squeak besides not wearing my $100 shoes. :(
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Response by poster: Thanks....the tread is relatively smooth, so it's nothing caught there. It sounds as though it's inside the thick sole. I'll poke around to see if I can try the baby powder trick.

Agghh...how disheartening (but helpful) to hear that other shoes (and other Danskos!!!) do this too. You'd think with technology they could help figure out how to make shoes that don't squeak.
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