No, please, Don ____. Don't get up. SF story ID
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Please help me ID a short science fiction story. Space tragedy, Spanish names, and revenge.

The story begins with a man (unnamed, possibly) entering the home of another, presumably unannounced, breaking or sneaking in. I believe he addresses the other man as Don ___. He then narrates the rest of the story, which is about a tragedy on a spaceship; as I recall it is a ship carrying hazardous materials, and they are irradiated and explode or otherwise cripple the ship and kill part of the crew. It turns out that he's entered the home of the other man to exact his revenge for the death of his brother, possibly, or injury to himself. Throughout the story, terms and names seem to be of Spanish or Portuguese derivation. The story might be in one of Gardner Dozois' "Year's Best SF" anthologies. Thanks!
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Best answer: Oh oh oh it totally is. "Green Tea," Richard Wadholme, volume 17. The brief excerpt here conveys the voice fairly well.
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Best answer: Er, Wadholm, sorry.
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Response by poster: Thank you, restless_nomad! I never would have found it with that title.
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Happy to help! I confess I've reread the middle dozen volumes of that collection often enough that I found that on the first grab.
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