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Tell me where (and IF) I can obtain a roller-coaster caliber seatbelt buckle.

Hershey Park's biggest, craziest, barfiest steel coaster, Fahrenheit, has the typical million-and-a-half safety restraints. However, by far the coolest is the little metal buckle (attached to traditional seatbelt material) that goes between the rider's knees and attaches to the shoulder restraint.

I rode this coaster earlier this year. The awesomest part of the ride was this neat lil' buckle (what can I say? Ulysses Everett McGill is a Dapper Dan man, goddamn it, and I'm a wooden coaster girl). I would LOVE to have one (or more!) for craft projects. From what I can remember:

- It was about the size of a traditional metal seatbelt buckle.
- It was flat and about a half-inch thick.
- It was possibly made of aluminum, possibly steel.
- It was black and gold and quite stark.
- One half slipped INSIDE the other half; once it was connected, little gold "prongs" became visible at the buckle's corners.
- The manufacturer's name (printed on the buckle) was German or Swiss or some such.
- It was super-cool and elegant and streamlined.

Any help in locating this elusive buckle (or its manufacturer) without forking over $50 to ride a disappointing coaster again would be much appreciated!
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This sounds like the kind of buckle used in five-point harnesses like you'd see in a drag racing car.
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Best answer: Did it look like this?

WaterField Designs sells a cargo bag that uses those particular buckles. They claim that they're "black, anodized aluminum buckles used in para-gliding harnesses."

Perhaps that's somewhere to start?
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Oh, and for what it's worth, WaterField is small company that makes fantastic products. If those are indeed the buckles you're looking for, it wouldn't surprise me if they'd help point you in the right direction. Just click the "Hey Gary" link at the top of the page to send an email to the founder.
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Response by poster: SemiSophos: *squeaaaaal!* You get a cookie - that is quite similar to the coaster-buckle! I've heard tons of good things about Waterfield; I'll definitely be hitting them up. Thank you!
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Response by poster: In case anyone else was wondering where to get their OWN marvelous roller coaster seatbelt buckle, it's the Stubai Click Fix.
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