Help forwarding offline gmail SMS to new email?
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Help forwarding offline gmail SMS to new email?

I use the SMS feature in gmail often. I have a new email and want my offline SMS messages sent to it.

- I have tried "forward all messages" feature in gmail. No luck.
- I also tried setting filters:

words: chat with

Any other ideas?
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I went to an example sms message and went to filter messages like this then did a test with the above and it got (as far as I can tell by eyeballing) every sms message in my mail.
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These are sms sent to my google voice and forwarded to my gmail.
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Response by poster: offline sms message in gmail > forward to new email automatically

I tried your suggestion and it didn't seem to work.
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I would ask the question in this Google Groups forum. It is for "gmail power users" It has not been active for a while, but there are some real helpful people there who may still be monitoring the group.
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