Redeeming miles for non-travel rewards
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Which rewards program should I join for the best non-travel rewards?

I frequently earn points for taking surveys. I've already redeemed my points for all the magazine subscriptions, etc. that I want. However, the points can be cashed in for airline/hotel miles with a variety of travel companies. I don't travel much, but I understand that some of these mileage programs allow you to cash in your miles for gift cards. Which mileage program has the best selection of gift cards that I can redeem my miles for? Or which travel programs have the best interchangeability with other airline programs that have a good selection of non-travel rewards? I'm not interested in how to earn more miles (I've read those posts), just which programs will give me the most flexibility in spending them.
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You may want to ask the people over at the Fatwallet forums.
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