Multipurpose furniture
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Looking for furniture store that offers practical, novel and multipurpose furniture (and other household items) in Seattle.

So we have been looking for furniture and other household items at the usual suspects (Target, IKEA, furniture xyz) and I find them to be...blah.
They are nice and all but most of them are single purpose.

I really like the idea of multipurpose furniture: Murphy beds, sofa with storage, expandable table, etc.

I also like things that are simply novel. Really loved the idea of TV mirror (a glass covering TV that will make it look like a mirror when it's not in use).

So I'm looking for similar ideas and the stores that sell them - preferably brick and mortar but online is fine too.
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We got an awesome coffee table that provides plenty of storage for stuff that's usually on our coffee table (remotes, mail, magazines, console controllers, pens etc.) and looks great from BoConcept on Western Ave. There's storage under the glass, too, and you can customize the colors and the feet.
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Is there a Container Store nearby -- Portland, maybe? I shop them online, too.
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