Help me to get Skype to work again
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Help me to get Skype to work again

Skype was working fine until yesterday. I just returned from Japan, and used Skype to connect with different folks in North America.

We were using a wireless 3G subscription USB dongle for internet access in Japan.

I'm now back in Canada, and none of my contacts shows up as being online, not even the "Echo / Sound Test Service".

I'm on a Wireless N home network with a Windows 7 Home Network. I'm using Windows Defender as an anti-virus program.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
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I've checked the firewall, and Skype is allowed access - it does not appear to be a firewall issue.
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I don't know Windows at all but my approach when a program is not performing properly in Linux is to remove & purge it using the command line, reboot, and reinstall the program. Seems to fix the problem 99% of the time.
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Yeah, I removed Skype and reinstalled. It didn't help...
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Figured it out... Apparently my Skype status was set to "offline" which means I was unable to make or receive calls.
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