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Looking for specific recommendations for fun, erotic comic books for a hetero woman.

My friend's birthday is coming up and I'd like to get her a fun, sexy comic. She is straight, a little kinky, and (I think) leans towards being on the sub-side. Jess Fink's Chester 5000-XYV (all links SFW) would be perfect, but doesn't come out until December. I've also considered Empowered, which I found extremely fun (though I found myself wishing it was a little more explicit), and Lost Girls, which is slightly out of my price range.

I'd love to year your recommendations for books with good stories that are similarly fun, well written, and very, very hot (preferably in the $20-25 or less price range). Thanks!
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Best answer: Your instincts about Empowered are right. The lack of explicit action will, if anything, be a plus. It is crazy kinky, well-written, and sexy as all hell. For my ex and me, a new trade paperback of Empowered in the house meant some fun times were going to happen that night, once we'd both read it.
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Hm. Maybe Bondage Fairies? I've only seen a little bit of it, though, and Wikipedia suggests that it also includes some bestiality (with birds, animals, and insects) but I mean, what do you want, they're fairies that protect the forest with sex.

Not Tarot. For the love of god, never Tarot.
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Best answer: OOoh, Colleen Coover's Small Favors is the best. It's all girls (and bills itself as Girly Porno), but I'm ostensibly straight and I still love it. It's the only erotic comic I own, I think. (I read and buy Empowered, but Empowered seems more cheesecakey; Small Favors gets delightfully graphic.). I'm also fond of Chester-5000, so tastewise, I think we're on the same track.
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Looks like some of Aurélia Aurita's stuff has come out in English, though not (if that website is to be believed) Fraise et Chocolat, which might otherwise do the trick--the first volume, not the second.
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Best answer: Birdland by the Hernandez Bros. Truly perverted.
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If she won't mind a little bit of fur, the Omaha the Cat Dancer series is fabulous; good plot, hot sex, excellent art. Written by a woman, the late lamented Kate Worley.
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omaha the cat dancer is awesome. i'm not a fur gal, but it's hot, well written, and beautiful.
i'm a bisexual woman - but small favors is one of my favorite comics, erotic or not.
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Vox by Nicholson Baker

fun to read out loud!
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oops duh not a comic. sorry! still a fun read.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the recs so far!

Staboo, it's funny you mention Vox because she actually suggested that to me, and I'm currently reading her copy of The Fermata, which is her favorite book! That's what prompted me to ask the question. She's been borrowing comics and I thought it'd be perfect to incorporate both of her current interests. :)

And to brisquette, I had TOTALLY forgotten about Small Favors, which is my favorite too! I think I'll at least loan her my copy of that. That's is exactly the kind of book I'm looking for.

Still open to any other suggestions!
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American Virgin?
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I would actually recommend against Empowered, unless your friend is the type who is into humiliation fantasies. The general theme is of a pathologically insecure woman getting all of her clothes ripped off and then everyone leers and/or laughs at her until she cries. I'm a kinky, sex-positive woman, but I'm definitely not into humiliation and found it alternatingly infuriating and pathetic.
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Nevermind, re-read your question and realized you've already read it and enjoyed it, so, yeah, maybe your friend would like it too.
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You could do worse than flip through Howard Chaykin's work; not explicit, but he has his sexy moments (e.g. American Flagg).
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