Anyone know of any cabinetmaking apprenticeships anywhere?
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Hey kids, I'm looking for appreticeship opportunities in cabinetmaking (fine furniture-making, more than kitchens), here in Canada or anywhere in the world (Denmark? Japan? France? Idaho? Wherever, you know.) I'm studying cabinetmaking at trade school in Montreal, and feel like I'm just scratching the surface, wanna really master this trade and do something cool. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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"Cabinetmaking" in the kitchen and bath sense is a completely different trade from fine furniture work. Are you sure you're going to the right sort of school for the work you hope to do? In Canada I'm only familiar with Inside Passage, because a friend of mine teaches there. I'd imagine there are others closer to your neighborhood.

Be aware that the kitchens and bath stuff, though much less fun, usually pays better. Fine furniture apprenticeships are hard to come by, and even harder to get paid for.
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if you're talking about fine cabinet making like James Krenov, try the College of the Redwoods.
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Best answer: If you would prefer to stay in Canada, the Wood Manufacturing Council may have some good resources for you to follow up on.
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Redwoods is great if you don't mind coming to the states. JK died last year (and had retired from teaching awhile ago anyhow), but the current faculty is excellent.
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Another school, not an apprenticeship, but I've heard great things about the North Bennet Street School in Boston. They have a cabinet and furniture making program. It's super expensive, though I believe that they do have some scholarships.
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I'll third College of the Redwoods -- I've got a friend who's just finished two years there and his work, and the experience, has been amazing. MeMail me if you want more info or if you have specific questions you'd like answered.
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