Prague! With extra goldfish crackers!
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Prague for two days in late August with a toddler in tow. Tips? Accommodation recs?

My husband and I will be in Prague for two days at the end of August (as part of a side trip from a big wedding shindig in Vienna). We are looking mainly for a recommendation for somewhere to stay that would be reasonably accommodating to a 2 year old. Husband has been to Prague a couple of times, but not in the past ten years, so any tips on restaurants/bars would also be appreciated (do not have to be kid-centric). I've looked at the other Prague threads, of course, but none address children. Thank you!
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Best answer: We stayed at the Domus Henrici and I would recommend it for kids. The rooms are really, really family friendly and they are extremely nice people. It's also a very quiet and manageable neighbourhood: right near the castle, you can walk out for coffee, snacks and trams on the square, and there's a bar restaurant two minutes up the hill that is just a local place that would be fine to take a toddler to. It would make an excellent base and they'll be very happy to help you with restaurants etc that will work for your family.
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Response by poster: The perfect thread! One answer, which is awesome. Thanks, DarlingBri, that's exactly what we are after.
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Marvellous! Enjoy it. The little local coffee place up the hill on the left is amazing, and in the block before you get to that, there's a toy store that sells handmade toys, too.

If they suggest the pig roasting restaurant, be warned: it's amazing and we ate there five times (we only had the pig once), but you'll want to go early. It's not really toddler-friendly during prime dinner time but it's empty before that and you'll be grand.
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