Summer in SLC- Time to be outside
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Salt Lake City trails and biking. This is a two part question- calling all cyclists/runnings in SLC, Utah- where are your favorite loops to cycle in the summer? I enjoy City Creek and biking through the avenues, but I feel like I am missing some good areas. Second question is about trail running.

Hi folks-

1. Can you recommend good loops or routes to me for cycling? I vaguely know of some but recently moved here and want to take my road bike out a little more. I am going to be getting a mountain bike soon for things like the Bonneville Shoreline trail. I'm also a bit scared of scary canyons like Emigration, etc. I'm looking for 1-3 hour loops, and anywhere in SL County or City proper is great. The other day I did City Creek Canyon, looped through the Avenues neighborhood and came down through the University- I loved that. Good climb, good distance, good views.

2. Trail running enthusiasts- where do you go? How did you start? Do you do a couple days of "normal runs" and then do long trail runs at the end of the week? Do you do this in SLC? I really want to get into this activity and know how to jog about 1-4 miles every few days but want to cement it.

Thanks in advance- I love the outdoor recreation in SLC and want more of it!
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Answering number 2 (from a non-SLC perspective): I'm a trail runner from Cleveland, OH. I basically run any hiking trail of adequate length. I'll often do out-and-back runs, because sometimes loops are difficult to find. Mountain bike trails are also very good for trail running in most cases (here's a website for MTB trails in Utah). I personally prefer trail running over road running, so I hit the trails as often as I can. Keep in mind, you will run slower on the trails than you do on the road, so you will likely complete fewer miles in the same amount of time.
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I can't speak to the road biking, but my favorite mt bike trails are almost all in SLC. The crest trail (Guardsman at the top of Big Cottonwood) and the bike trails at Solitude are amazing. Same goes for the trail that runs across the face of park city/deer valley. I don't live there, so vague descriptions are the best I can offer. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with any of the trails there.

Also, for trail running a good starting trail might be the pipeline trail in mill creek canyon. It cuts along the side of the canyon and does not have much (if any) change in elevation. Just be aware of bikes.
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Response by poster: Oh Bwilms and Palacewalls thanks so much for your little tips. I appreciate it. I haven't really thought about running on bike trails. I will look up those trails.
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I don't live in SLC but I've been through there enough to know that it is outdoor awesomeness. There must be some cycling clubs or at least bike shops that would love to point you in the right direction.

#2. I started trail running just by running on trails. The above is correct that running on trail takes longer (and in these mountainous places all the trails seem to go up) so consider bringing water, a snack and a light rain coat/shell/wind shirt. I'd recommend mixing in trails as much as you can then soon you won't want to run on anything else. If you live near the edge of town or near a greenway you may be able to run on trails all the time. Also, don't forget that you can often find trails where you don't expect them....look to the side of the multi-use path going through town. Do you see that little trail just a foot and a half wide? That is for all the runners who want a break from jarring themselves on the pavement. Take all the trails that you can. Start with a few miles every other day or so and gradually add more. Have fun!
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