Where's a good, reputable, online place to rent professional/prosumer video and audio equipment?
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Where's a good, reputable, online place to rent professional/prosumer video and audio equipment?

I've got a video project coming up, and I need to rent some equipment for about six weeks. Specifically, I need a high quality, multi-transmitter (3 would be nice) wireless lav mic system. Something with standard audio jacks, too -- not XLR. These can easily go for well over $500 if I were to buy it, but the project doesn't have the budget for purchase. Is there a good place to rent something like this online?
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Response by poster: I should also note: many of the businesses I've found via Google rent stuff like this, but at what seams like SUPER high prices -- like $25+ per day. I need these every day for six weeks straight, so it's gotta be a bit cheaper.
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Are you sure you do not have the money to lay out for the purchase of this equipment? You could then sell it immediately after the project is over. AV gear holds its value very well in the short term. Even at $10 a day, the loss you incur after resale will probably be lower than the cost of a daily rental.

If you are curious about how much you could sell the gear for, call around to places like B+H and ask for a quote. Plus, a private buyer would undoubtedly give you more money than they will if you can find one.
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Where are you? You're not going to see this online - there is capital costs and without a deposit to the worth of the equipment, nobody rents.

This is why most electronic stores have restocking fees - for the 'renter' like yourself. It's questionable but is done often.

And yes, $25/day for a $500 lav? Yeah, that sounds about right. But most places will let you do a week/month rate.
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25 bucks a day isn't pricy at all. AT ALL. Honestly, I'd say that's a really good price. And seconding looking for a local source.
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XLR jacks are the standard for quality audio equipment. That being said, most wireless receivers also have balanced 1/4" outputs.

If it makes you feel any better, where I work we charge 65 a day for a wireless receiver/transmitter package. Plus 10 if it's for a high quality lavalier element instead of a hand-held.

If the rental is for more than one day, the second day is half price up to three days and then we go to a weekly rate.

Since you're renting for six weeks and can take good care of the gear it would be worth buying it all and then selling it when you're done. Unless you're being offered gear for rent that you cannot possibly afford. It really depends on what level of gear you're looking to use.
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