I just made a doobie
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"I apologized like a good doobie". "What?"

A friend used the phrase "I apologized like a good doobie". I've never heard of it before nor can I find any references online. But she claims it's a common saying that she's heard multiple times. Is this a real saying and if so is there any information on where it originated?
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My mom (born and raised on Long Island, NY) uses this phrase. It means "person who does the right thing".
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Not doobie, but do-bee. The worker bee, that does the doing. I've heard it before.
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I recognize this from (I think) Stephen King's Misery - a Do Bee = a person who did their chores.
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Response by poster: Ugh. I somehow forgot to include "good" in my search until right after I posted this. So I see that it is a real phrase. Now that I searched correctly I even see Urban Dictionary saying the phrase comes from the tv show Romper Room. So if I had held off just one more minute I wouldn't have needed to ask this question. My bad.
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Best answer: It's "Do bee" as opposed to "Don't bee". They were in the kid's show "Romper Room".
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The Romper Room explanation is the right one, but a good doobie can still be a nice way of saying 'I'm sorry.'
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the do bee song
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I used to watch Romper Room with my dad. I waited breathlessly to see if Miss Betty would see me through the Magic Mirror ("Magic Mirror, tell me today/Did all my friends have fun at play? I see Billy, and Mary, and Tommy..." Never Angie. Never, ever, ever. I still have the scars.). My dad ogled Miss Betty.

And if I find a chore unexpectedly done, I still call the person who did it a "good do-bee".

I'm thinking that a "good doobie" is probably not appropriate for the pre-school crowd.
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My in-laws (New Englanders) say this and I have never known where it came from!
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D0- bee, as opposed to DON'T- bee.
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A bee is an insect. "Be" is a verb. I think it's "do-be." just sayin...
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Check Chocolate Pickle's link, bricoleur. Respectfully, I think it is possible that you may be mistaken.
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Serves me right for going all pedantic. Yes, I was mistaken.
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