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I am looking for a good abdominal toner. Let me know if there is any that you have tried and found it satisfactory.
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Jackknife exercises. As well as some of the other exercises on that page. For me, the jackknife exercise is ...painfully effective.
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Came here to say v-ups (same thing as jackknifes) and bicycles. Abs are one muscle group you really don't need equipment to work.

Also worth noting-- the saying "abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym" is very, very true.
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If you have back problems at all I recomend the Plank, Side Plank, and Bird Dog Exercises , there is no spine curvature when doing them. (sorry for the hard sell site but the video is actually pretty good)
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Get into a push-up position, except instead of using your palms, put your weight on your forearms lying flat. Hold this position for about ten seconds. Now do some pelvic thrusts in this position. No strain on your spine, and a great core workout.
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Eat less, lose fat. Exercise can target up your abdominal muscles but there's no way to target the layer of fat on top. You can't spot reduce fat. Cut calories and lose fat over your entire body and when you get down below 14% body fat (8% for guys) your abs will begin to show.

You can do 1000 crunches a day but if you're not below 14% body fat it won't matter.
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Wall Ball sit ups Ow but effective.
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I don't think you can purchase it separately, but the 16 or so minute video from the P90X program called Ab Ripper X is pretty good. Nice variety of core exercises and it's over before you know it. Not sure how it would do without the rest of the program, but I started using it and I'm feeling muscles in there I haven't even known I had!
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not mentioned yet, but pretty much impossible: dragonflag
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All of these in rotation. Doing nothing but situps will do nothing but make you better at situps. Planks are better because you're stabilizing yourself. Do situps on an exercise ball, or even a basketball or something. Run. It's what humans do.
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If your diet is in order than the only thin g I have to add is I like using an Ab Wheel/Roller

You can go ahead and start off by doing them from your knees though.
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Honestly, pilates is great for this. If you have Netflix there are lots of streaming pilates videos available; I recommend the "10 Minute Solution" series in particular. It's really helping me get my post-partum ab situation under control.
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