Quick-and-dirty self-defense classes in Seattle
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Ass-kicking lessons in Seattle: Looking for personal recommendations.

I have a female friend who will be embarking on a year-long solo world tour visiting several somewhat politically and socially unstable regions. I would like to get her a gift certificate for a full-contact self-defense workshop or short series of classes. I'm looking for recommendations for specific self-defense styles and especially for specific class sites/schools that can give her a solid grounding in situational awareness, moves to use on an assailant, etc. We're both in Seattle.

She'll be leaving in a few months, so I'm looking for a quick-and-dirty here's-how-to-incapacitate-someone-in-six-sessions-or-less type of thing.

I'm willing to spend up to $200 - $300. Cheaper is, of course, better.

(Yes, I know that the goal of these classes is to teach you to identify and remove yourself from a bad situation before ass-kicking is necessary. I'd just like to give her some extra skills. And it takes no packing space!)
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Krav Maga Eastside
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There is the Feminist Karate Union and Seven Star Women's Kung Fu. It's a shame that Home Alive is defunct, because that was a great place to learn about not just how to get out of a situation, but how to be prepared for anything. Both of those organizations were recommended by Home Alive.

(I took a Home Alive course and found it more valuable than I ever could have anticipated.)
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Insights Training Center has a great weekend-long unarmed self defense class.
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I would heartily second Krav Maga, but I would also point out a few other things:

-Shoes for running. The other side of the self-defense coin is the art of beating feet, running like hell. Fighting certainly has its place, but she should be ready to run her ass off.
-Map of her AO. If she's running, she needs to have some idea where to run to.
-A bright flashlight. Something that kicks out 60 lumens would be ideal. Surefire makes lights that can cause discomfort and disorientation to night-adjusted eyes, enough so that she can take off while the perp is still blinking. Also, you can't go to jail for shining a light at someone, which brings us to....
-Some idea of local laws. In Britain, for example, self-defense is frowned upon to a ridiculous degree. It's very easy to land in the dock for protecting yourself in ways that would earn a simple "atta-girl" from American cops.
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Whatever it is, just make sure it covers a couple of basic things and covers them well. I think Krav Maga tends to...add things in, but they may work out well for you.
If you would like a suggestion for someone (not me) who teaches privately, will make sure you learn something, and is within your price range, MeMail me.
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