LA-Oakland move, need moving company recs
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Any recommendations for good moving companies for a move from L.A. to the S.F. Bay Area?

My partner and I are moving from LA to the SF Bay Area (likely Oakland) at the beginning of August and are looking for a reputable, reasonably-priced company to move our stuff for us. We have one large bedroom apartment's worth of stuff, including LOTS and LOTS of books. We're happy to do the packing ourselves.
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I've had good luck using Pat Ryan Movers during two moves within the Bay Area. When I moved from San Jose to Santa Barbara, I used PODS and a local moving service because I was having a heck of a time finding a "medium-distance" moving company. Turns out if I'd hired Pat Ryan and paid for mileage, it would have been cheaper than the pod and a lot less hassle. Try a well-regarded local mover and see what their round-trip mileage rates would be from LA to SF Bay.

Looks like Pat Ryan's web site is down, which looks kind of shifty. However, they are reputable and do good work. They only left one thing of mine in the truck, but still had it in the warehouse when I asked about it a month later!
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Delancey Street Movers
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Best answer: Moovers, Inc.

My usual recommendation is to dig around at so you know what to expect and what to look out for, as the world of professional movers is a bit wild and woolly, it seems. They also maintain a "super list" of companies with specific warnings or recommendations.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all. Super helpful, especially Will call a couple of places (probably Delancey St & Moovers) and go from there. Have found this thread really helpful re packing tips, btw.
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Response by poster: We made it to Oakland. Ended up going with Moovers Inc. They lived up to their positive online recommendations. Not a bumped, bruised, scratched or broken item, and they were super professional.

They based a "not to exceed" estimate on an inventory form that we filled out and sent to them. We came in way under the estimated weight (we ended up getting rid of lots of books before the move and also our furniture isn't very heavy). The price was therefore quite a bit lower then their not-to-exceed figure.

Not sure I can go back to moving my stuff again after this! So worth it to pay other people to haul your heavy stuff.
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