Googling won't help me now.
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Anyone with serious knowledge about watches able to ID this vintage gold men's watch? No better picture available, I'm afraid.
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Here you go, I lightened, turned, and sharpened it a bit, it's better, but still hard to make out.
Maybe someone can see something.
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From lee's picture the logo looks like Hublot?
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Sorry, I obviously don't know anything about watches and posted to fast. Hublot started in 1980 and doesn't look like they ever made watches in that style.
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You might try asking on the TimeZone forums.
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... or on the Watch U Seek forums.
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Can you tell us anything else at all about it? When this picture was taken was it being worn as a watch that kept time? This is a dress watch in a timeless style that could be anywhere from approximately early 50s to late 60s. But the reason I ask whether it was telling time is the apparently missing crown. This watch is not waterproof and stems rust and crowns break off all the time, but if it's missing, it wouldn't be wound and running.
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Can you do 3 things:

1. What is the design or words on the dial of the watch...your pics are dark...and even the lightened ones make it hard for me to make it out. What does it say?

2. Show me the back of the watch.

3. The bracelet/ there anything written on it...near the middle.
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fritley: according to Doctor Who Confidential, it apparently doesn't work, so I think you're right about the missing crown.

hal_c_on: I wish I had more info, but that photo's just a screen grab off of the TV so I can't give you any more details of the back or the brand, sorry.
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The name on the dial looks like HELSA to me, and there was a Swiss watchmaker of that name.

You can find examples on eBay: though not of that specific style, the name/logo seems to fit.
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