Can you ID this meditation?
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I can't believe I'm asking this. I went to a "oneness blessing" meditation group yesterday and they played a 40-minute meditation that I would like to track down.

The guiding voice was female, she sounded Indian (definitely not American), and she walked us through the different chakras (all I remember is going from the lower body, to the stomach to the upper chest). Each chakra had a different meditation sound (a round of seven om's, for example) which we joined in on; and in between each chakra there was a male voice that went something like "kundaliniii... hare harem..." a couple of times.

In the background there was a very, very soft male voice repeating something fast and staccato over and over again. There may have been the occasional sound of rocks moving around in water, or something like that.

I'm pretty new to meditation so sorry if I butchered this question. I've already downloaded two tracks from iTunes that I thought were it but are not (at $10 a pop).. those were "Oneness Mantras" by Ananda Giri. I feel like I'm close.. but the iTunes excerpts are too short for me to know that I'm picking the right song.
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I found a torrent of this meditation called "Kundalini Yoga - Chakra Dhyana." It's pretty dope!
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