Is this watch to flashy for Nairobi?
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Is this watch to flashy for Nairobi?

do i sound like a paranoid westerner who has never been outside of brooklyn yet? I'll be, hopefully, working in hospitals/clinics/anywhere that will take a new nurse as a volunteer. And, I'm a bit anxious and paranoid about what to expect and want to minimize my chances of getting mugged, but would also like to have a wristwatch that is functional and will last longer than 6 months.

the watch in question.

my original cheaper option.
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I was under the impression that nurses didn't wear wristwatches, but rather watches they pin on. Easier to wash your hands, and doesn't get damaged from making hundreds of beds.
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No it's not too flashy, especially not with a canvas strap. At any rate, a mugger will be more interested in your money and your sunglasses.

If you really want a bullet proof, cheap watch, get a Casio F-91W. I abuse mine terribly and the first thing to go - normally after about five years - is always the strap, not the watch. At $15 a go, it's no great loss to humanity if it gets lost or damaged.
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Response by poster: stereo: we were taught to wear wristwatches, but the people teaching me were sort of touched.

muffinman: great suggestion, i'll consider it, though i may 'need' analogue.
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Just as an FYI, NHS infection control recommendations state:

Staff must ensure that their arms are ‘bare below the elbows’ when carrying
out clinical duties in order to facilitate adequate hand hygiene. Sleeves must
therefore not extend below the elbows. Wristwatches must not be worn during
patient contact because they prevent good hand hygiene technique. Fob
watches are more appropriate for continual use. Alternatively staff can keep
their watches in pockets.

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In which case, who couldn't love ...
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IMO, it's not a flashy watch unless it has a metal band. It basically looks like a $30 Timex (even though it is a better watch).
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Many nurses in the US wear watches. An analog watch is required for my program, in fact. The watches are frequently made of material that is water-resistant and easy to wash.

Of course, YMMV in Nairobi hospitals. But that watch isn't super flashy.
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Best answer: It should be fine. Nairobi is a world-class city, in the sense that there are a fair number of tourists, business people and development workers in the city from all over the world. I even saw people sitting in a cafe with their iPad when I was there last month (this was before they were available in Kenya) and it didn't attract any attention. I don't think people will take a second look at that watch. Even if you go outside the city, it likely won't draw an excessive amount of attention unless you start pointing it out to people.

Good luck with your work there, Nairobi is a great city. You are undoubtedly going to have a life changing experience.
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