What white/orange/blue blogging site did I use in 2002?
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Help me find this blogging website from circa 2002! It had a white/orange/blue minimalist layout and few members.

Back in 2002, I desperately wanted a LiveJournal, but didn't have access to an invite code. I went in search of another blogging website and used sites like opendiary and diaryland. I also used a blog website whose name I've forgotten completely. It had far fewer members than most blog sites, and featured a very clean, minimalist layout. The blogs had a white background, and each entry was in a box with a light blue dashed border. The subject line and date for each entry were in orange. If I recall correctly, the newest entries by members would show up on the front page of the site. What website was this? Does it still exist?
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Pitas? Looked like this in 2002. Even as I'm typing it, that doesn't sound right but wherever it was I feel like I had an account there too...
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Best answer: This old pitas page has a sideblog that has a few more tools: pitas, xanga, webcrimson, upsaid, diaryland, blogger/blogspot, livejournal, conversant, 22blog, blogged up, easyjournal, blogdot, m-blog, free open diary, newsisfree (news portal), bloggingnetwork, electricdiary. Most are defuncy and the Wayback machine is super slow tonight. Anything sound familiar?
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diaryland.com had some features similar to what you're describing
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Response by poster: It was Upsaid! Here's what it looked like in September 2002. Thanks so much.
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