Looking for the top-notch, absolute best facial plastic surgeons in the US
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Help me find the top-notch, absolute best, facial plastic surgeons in the US.

I came into some money recently and would like to spend it fixing some things on my face that have always bothered me. Specifically:

- skin resurfacing for acne scars
- nose job
- eye lift and brow lift

I'm okay with my body, so no need for someone who is really good with breasts or tummy tucks, etc. I've been on several consultations, but not "clicked" yet with anyone.

I'm located in San Francisco, but am going to need to recover away from home (don't want to get into a huge discussion with friends and family about this) so don't really care where in the country the surgeon is located.

My top priority is finding someone fantastic. I'm really concerned about finding the most skilled surgeon, and also someone who is a nice person, will be helpful if there are complications, and so forth. Cost is not a huge issue -- I'd rather pay for the best and feel more comfortable about getting a good result. (But of course I would prefer not to be overcharged.)

I've wanted to do this for a very long time and recently acquired the means. I know it's something I want to do, but it's really hard to find good unbiased information. Which of the forums dedicated to plastic surgery patients are good and real?

Also, any "things I wish I had known" before doing this kind of surgery?
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I was unable to take the plunge when I came into the necessary funds, but I did plenty of research prior to that, and found myself extremely impressed with the meticulous approach of Dr. Steven Denenberg. His sole focus is on facial procedures. If you have any interest in learning about the ins and outs of the surgical procedures, he has photographic walk-throughs detailing his methods, on his site.
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New York Magazine publishes an annual list of "Best Doctors" in the NYC area which includes plastic surgeons. http://nymag.com/bestdoctors/. I realize you're not in NYC but one supposes there are a few above average doctors there.
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Dr. Steven B. Hopping in Washington, D.C. I've seen him, but couldn't afford the surgery at the time. (It was an informational visit for a surgery I was [and am] interested in having.) He was honest, and after hearing that I wanted to take off some more pounds, told me to wait until I was at the weight I wanted before having surgery. I will also say that his wife, Julia, is heavily involved with the practice and sees patients with him, as was the case with me.

Dr. Bill Portuese, in Seattle, is a very close friend of a family member. Bill has very well-known people come to him; he is very discreet. I like him and his family, if that is worth anything.

If travel is no object, and not knowing where you are, I'd say go to Bill. I'd like to!
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I can vouch for one of the doctors on NY Mag's best doctor list. Dr. Paul Weiss performed an endoscopic brow lift on me about six years ago, and I've been thrilled with the results. Email me if you want pics.
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