Where can I find OEM Dodge parts online?
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I have an older truck (Dodge Dakota 2000) I just use for truck things, the rear bumper is completely crushed. I called around and locally the cheapest I can find is $1200 just for the bumper and brackets, without labor. I found this on Amazon.com which is not OEM but Westin PerfectMatch. How close do these match the OEM, alternatively, where can I find OEM parts online?
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Do you need a new bumper? If not I'd try a salvage yard or pick and pull. I can't imagine a used bumper for a 2000 Dakota costing anywhere near $1200. Course a rear truck bumper will likely have some cosmetic issues.
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Depending upon where you live, I would start at http://www.junk-yards.net/dodge.htm and find a junkyard near you that might have it. If you are just using it for "truck things," I wouldn't put new or new-looking on a ten year old truck/
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I have no idea what the motor vehicle guidelines are in your locale, but my uncle in Wash D.C. was able to replace a bumper on a similar truck with a piece of 4x8 lumber. It didn't look pretty, but was legal and worked fine for him. Something to look into perhaps.
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My dad always goes to junkyards for car parts. If you can stand imperfections you can usually get what you need.
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Response by poster: Finally got a call back from a dealership with a new bumper for $550, but they really, really wanted me to take it in and make sure that "nothing else is damaged." After a little haggling they're letting me just buy it. Really auto parts are the only thing that the Internet hasn't made magically better.

Footnote: Other party's insurance is paying for it, otherwise I probably would have gone with the off-brand bumper.
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