Help me geekify my office with posters!
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Help me geekify my office with posters!

I have had a job as a web developer and IT assistant for just over a year. I have a nice little cube/office space, but the wallpaper is hideous and I would like to cover it up with things that are awesome. That's where you come in. Please suggest to me your favorite posters, prints or art! It would be best if it were geeky and interesting enough to bring people in to look at it and ask questions about it.

I've looked at Think Geek, Etsy and various poster sites but had a hard time coming up with something I liked. Really, I thought it would be much easier to find posters like this but I've had a difficult time. Most of what I come up looks like this, which I find kind of overdone and cheesy.

Our favorite geeky topics in the department include anything Adobe, Android, Google, Windows, social media or related to the Internet or web development in general. I also have a background as a graphic designer, so anything about basic design or typography would be welcome. No Apple, please.

I like things that are well-designed and retro styles are especially fun. Cheaper is better. It needs to be a readily available poster, too. I don't have the time or money to go out and have things printed myself, unfortunately.

Thanks in advance!
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Anything by Maxfield Parrish but especially Land of Make Believe.
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I love the posters at Madame Talbot's, and they are certainly in a retro style.
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Check out Brandon Bird. His paintings touch on a lot of Internet / social media topics.
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Retro style time travel posters!
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MC Escher. You definitely want MC Escher posters.
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Have you ever seen The IT Crowd? They have a lot of very geeky posters on their office wall. I think what might be fun is a techy equivalent of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster.
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OMG. Great answers so far. This might just win already.
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Keep an eye out on the retro posters at Mondotees. They sell out kinda fast sometimes, but you might be able to nab one you like.
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The xkcd store has a few posters.
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Doctor Whoot. Shows you have a soft-spot for animals and you're a geek.
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How about the New Zealand posters from Flight of the Conchords? They're marked as all rights reserved, but also 'Download the full-size version to print out and create a New Zealand Consulate experience in your very own home!'

Keep Calm and Carry On? The Wikipedia link has an svg file you can print in poster sizes with no loss of clarity.

Specific to your typography request, So you need a typeface?. via

Just noticed you don't want to print, only buy. Printing a print-ready graphic as a poster can be really cheap, almost certainly cheaper than buying prints. The only catch is rights, but the first two that I linked to seem to be cleared, and the third sells prints.
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Brilliant stuff so far! Brandon Bird is great and it will be hard to choose from among his work. CarolynG's linked retro time travel posters are GORGEOUS and exactly what I had in mind. Mhz's typeface poster is also exactly along the lines of what I was thinking about. And I can't believe I didn't realize that xkcd had a store. Off to check out some of the others. Haven't seen The IT Crowd, but will investigate. Thanks!

Also, I'm convinced to try printing. I forgot that I could pretty easily have posters done online and sent to me. So bring on those high-resolution, rights-free images!
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The planets of the Alliance! $30 for 5, 10 to choose from... if you ask real nice, they'll send a Mudder to your office to hang it for ya.
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The retro videogame propaganda posters ThinkGeek sells are one of the more awesome things I've seen lately.
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I just want to share this, which I just found: Deviant Art Prints Shop. I can already tell that I'm going to love the typography section.
posted by bristolcat at 8:02 AM on June 29, 2010 - Information is Beautiful. Great book, awesome infographics, pretty wicked posters.
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I have The Great Bear in my cube and get many compliments on it. I love transport maps, too.
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For a cheap printing option you could try taking an ordinary-sized image and using the Rasterbator. I'm thinking of getting a big-ass print of Ada Lovelace for my geekhouse.
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Let me open this up to a few more categories:

-Infographics of any kind
-Traditional Japanese imagery
-Anything that might be at home in a midwestern chamber of commerce/visitors' bureau
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We just got in a sweet set of Adobe developer posters that list all the programming classes for Flash/ActionScript, Flex, etc... You can download the hi-res PDFs for print, but they'll actually mail you big hi-res printed copies if you register your copy of Flex (Help > Register Flex Builder).

These CSS & HTML reference charts aren't the most beautiful things in the world, but they are handy (and geeky!).

Here's a somewhat neat downloadable Web Standards in a Nutshell poster.

Some of these typographic posters are neat. Some of these are awesome.

IT posters galore! Total nerd-fu stuff.

Oh, and these aren't geeky per se, but I love ISO50's work -- and he's having a 20% off summer sale right now.

Not sure if this is up your alley, but the Nedroid Comics Shop features some hilarious, epically awesome prints.

Here are some Google posters.

An Android poster.

Zazzle's selection of programming posters

A cool Web trends map (from 2007, but still...).

A collection of Web 2.0 logos in poster form.
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And these Star Wars Victorian Portraits are awesome - too bad he doesn't have hi-res or print ordering available! Looks like lots of commenters are begging for prints though, so maybe he'll change his mind.
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I forget where, but you can get a free poster of DNA/the human genome project or something from some science-y website. It was on AskMe as an older answer to something, even...I ordered one and it came and it's gigantic.

What I'd love is the IPA chart in big poster size. So if anyone knows where to find one...
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And someone does a Beeriodic table, I know.
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This DNA chart?
Periodic Table of Beer (warning: ginormous!)
IPA chart
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More good stuff! Thanks! And I'm enjoying the WPA section on Zazzle. Lots of retro fun to be had there.
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I also want to add this gem: Eisenhower Interstate System (Simplified)
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Found a few more interesting things while searching around

For Sale
Retro Space Travel Posters
A different sort of retro poster style - R├ętrofuturs. Also has a Flickr stream with many interesting things

Maybe could print out some of these? Lovely to look at nonetheless
Retro Star Wars Travel Posters
World War II style Star Wars Propaganda Posters
Vintage + Japanese + Science/Technology posters
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I knew someone who had an IBM 8086 motherboard on the wall. Very geeky and cool looking.
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