Arts & Crafts classes in NYC?
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I've been looking forward to taking classes at the YWCA Arts & Crafts League in NYC, ever since I found out about it a few months ago. However, it turns out that they will closing after their current term of classes, possibly re-opening in the fall with a reduced slate of classes. What other reasonably priced options are there in NYC (Brooklyn, Queens or Manhatten) for arts & crafts classes?

Specifically, I was interested in their woodworking, pottery wheel and jewelery classes (and would also be interested in photography, if they offered it).
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Response by poster: Here is the link (and correct name) for the YWCA-NYC Craft Students League
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It's not quite the same thing, but you might enjoy the Church of Craft. And for photography, there's nothing better than ICP.
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Also, Makor at the 92nd St Y offers craft classes.
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Urban Glass in Brooklyn has some classes involving making glass beads and also lampworking (which can produce glass jewelry). They aren't as affordable as the Crafts Students League (which I've been a member of), but they don't seem too out of step with what they're offering IMHO.

They offer classes on all sorts of glassworking.
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Cooper Union's Continuing Ed courses are moderately priced, not cheap, but less expensive than some other art schools.
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