Sim City on an old Mac
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What version of Sim City will work nicely on a 12" 867 Mhz powerPC G4 powerbook with 640 MB DDR SDRAM running os x 10.4.11 and where can I buy it or download it. Free or not.

My mother is driving me crazy because she keeps asking me to get this game for her. I am willing to buy it or download a free version. Other game suggestions for the same computer are appreciated. My Mom is 84. Simple is good I think. She likes puzzles. She like games. She likes to think. She doesn't have internet access. Please hope me. Bonus points if I can get Sim City for her before she asks me again!
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The original Sim City was for original-era Macs, and would run just fine, but is pretty simplistic.

Sim City 2000 was mid-90s, and would also run like a breeze on that system, and was also available for the PPC Mac.

Sim City 3000 was late 90s I think? Should run just fine on that as well, but I offer no guarantees. seems to have it in stock.

Sim City 4 is pretty much completely out.

There's Sim City Classic, a browser version of the game at that may scratch that itch.
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Whoops, forgot to mention, Sim City 2000 seems to be legitimately available for free from, say,
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And the triple-post!

Looks like I was wrong about Sim City 4, even it only required a 500Mhz G3 and OS X 10.2.8. I don't know how well it'd run on her PC, but it's out there as an option, and much more available than 3000 is, and probably a better overall game.
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I might recommend SimCity 2000 if only for its comparative simplicity.
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I thought 3000 was a pretty good balance of simple/skill. The advisors were neat. And the graphics were a pretty big step up.
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I did not like the version where you spent all day building sewers,
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I think SimCity 3000 is a better version than SimCity 4. 4 went a little overboard on the micro-management. And 3000's soundtrack is the best in the series.
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Best answer: From what I remember, Sim City 4 ran well on my old 12" G4 Powerbook, which is identical to yours.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help. I marked pmdboi's as best because he ran Sim City 4 on an identical computer. Sim City 4 is also still available new and easy to buy from Amazon. Thanks again.
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