Looking for a cheap, well supported, and quick webhost that supports Mailman or similar functionality.
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Looking for a cheap, well supported, and quick webhost that supports Mailman or similar functionality.

There was a similar question posted like this in 2008, but I wanted a more updated and recent answer so I'm re-asking it. I hope this isn't against the rules, and if so, sorry ;(

I'm pretty unhappy with my current host (1and1). I have to run a mailing list for about 50 people for a student organization at my University as well as forums for them, but a huge problem for us are simple glitches with their listserv software such as:

1. Moderation sucks.
2. Clicking reply on an email replies to the whole listserv.

I'm instead looking for a webhost that has all the characteristics of a good host - cheap, good support, quick, but also supports Mailman or something similar. And of course, I will be transferring over my vBulletin forums.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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I used to love nomonthlyfees.com. (I haven't hosted anything there for a few years so my info isn't current. Their listserv used to rock, though, and so did their support.)
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You can try my baby: http://dadamailproject.com on something like Bluehost, there's a Simple Scripts installer, that'll get you 80% there, and then you just have to wrangle getting the Dada Bridge plugin working, I can also be hired, if ya like, but the program is OSS.

Dada Mail ain't a Mailman replacement, it's mostly a web-based thing, with, as I've shown you, there's a plugin for discussion lists. And the moderation kind of sucks in it, to be honest, but you DO have moderation of messages, a list of addresses that can send without moderation - which can double as a list that gets the "yeah!" or, "naw!" email messages, so you, as the list owner, don't have to tell with each and every list message approval, which is nice.

Bluehost has Mailman support too, if my thing turns out to be a flaming pile, to you.
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Cheap, decent hosting? Hostgator...
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HostGator is what I was going to switch to if nothing came up here anyway. Thanks!
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