Where can I buy a vuvuzela offline?
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Where can I buy a vuvuzela in Pittsburgh without resorting to online purchasing? Our community spirit needs to be lifted -- now!

My friends and I are looking to raise some .... morale with our very own vuvuzelas! They've been around forever, but the World Cup has obviously shot them into the spotlight. I have no idea how to buy one without just ordering it online, and I don't want to wait for it to be shipped. Has anyone come across them in sporting stores or the like? Local craigslist results came back lacking.
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I got one at our local dollar store - this was last fall though, before I'd even heard the word vuvuzela.
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I think you'll raise more hackles than spirits with one of those, but if you can't find one of the long plastic ones, you can do what the originator of the thing did. He got one of those bike horns with the squeezy bladder and took off the squeezy bladder. Then he blew into it with buzzy trumpet lips. Then he altered it by putting an extender pipe on it. Then somebody started making plastic versions of that. So as a last resort, go old school.
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Best answer: I'd give these guys a call. They have a huge store in the Strip District containing all kinds of kitschy stuff like that. Boneheads at Steeler games have had those damn things for years.
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So, are you going to let people stomp on it, or burn it, or what?
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