Best PDF reader for iPad
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What is the best PDF reader for the iPad? I'm talking about speed, features, reliability, etc.
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Googreader is great, allows viewing and downloading files on dropbox, and is just nicelypolished. For reading books in PDF format I prefer Stanza, partly because it has fun page-turniness.
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...and by Googreader I mean Goodreader. iPad auto-correct in action!
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I like GoodReader, too.
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I would have said GoodReader before the latest iBooks update. It's now the one I use unless the PDF requires zooming, as with some magazines.
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Goodreader paired with DropBox for the win.
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Nthing Goodreader. Especially with the recent update that allows you to crop the reading area. And the drop box integration is pretty fantastic too.
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Response by poster: Any dissenting opinions?
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Used Goodreader for some really monstrous PDFs (bills in Congress). Worked well. Better than opening another window on a computer.
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iBooks (this week's update).
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I use goodreader. It is responsive when viewing big PDFs that the new iBooks chokes on. In addition, it allows you to organize your PDFs in a hierarchy plus all the nice features for getting files on and off other services.

A friend with 500 PDFs of various academic papers started with Goodreader and liked it, but likes iAnnotate PDF more. He was pretty disappointed with the iBooks update when he realized that the new annotation feature only works with eBooks, not PDFs
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You can sync to it without wiring up your iPad, because you can mount it as a network drive and drag and drop PDFs, and it even has folder structure--something sorely missing in iBooks.

The locked crop to screen feature tundro mentioned cannot be overstressed -- if you zoom in on text in iBooks, you can't flip between pages easily, the text becomes uncentered, and worst of all...the zoom is lost when you go to the next page. This makes any PDFs with wide margins (like most scholarly articles) way easier to read in GoodReader.
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+n for GoodReader, specifically because their "extract just the text" feature shows great promise and keeps on improving.
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ReadleDocs. That's what I use.

There is also an app called Papers that looks interesting.
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