Stalin, Trotzki and Photoshop. No MetaTalk snark attempt.
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As we know, Stalin gave order to perfectly remove Trotzki from older photographs. Are these pictures available somewhere?

The Egyptian and the Romans already removed people who became unpopular from stone reliefs. Trotzki was removed from photographs in which Lenin appeared. Are these photographs available somewhere?
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Best answer: A quick google search turned up this, and this.

Google search "Stalin Trotsky photos retouching."
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Google search "Stalin Trotsky photos retouching.

You can see where tcp's obstacle to proper Googling was, yeah?
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Best answer: I would think some copies are available, if only because I've seen before/after comparisons on various History/Discovery/Learning Channel programs.

On a google image search (just plain ol' Trotsky) I found this, this, this, this (very slow loading), and this page. Some are ones that have been retouched where originals survived, others seem to be ones Stalin missed.
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'Trotzki' is an accepted German spelling of Trotsky, I think. And it looks like tcp is from Germany.
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Best answer: I have that book - The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia - I bought it for like $5 at one of those book warehouses. One of the prizes of my book collection. You should find it - it's an amazing read.
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Best answer: As everyone else mentioned, The Commissar Vanishes. The book is over-sized (in a good way), the photos are huge, and the history attached to them explores the changes in policy and preference that put people out of favor over the years. Really, really, good book.
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Best answer: 'Trotzki' is an accepted German spelling of Trotsky

And it's Trocki in Polish, but neither variant is much use as a search term on an English-language web site.

Anyway, here's an article (pdf) by David King, author of The Commissar Vanishes.
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Response by poster: carter, you're right.
Thanks, everyone.
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